About Us

"Humans are dreamers. There’s no way that you can have a bunch of homo sapiens living in the same environment for a while and not have them dreaming; about other sorts of places that provide them with experiences quite different from what the current habitat provides. The early humans expressed these collective dreams in the form of fairy tales and mythology - creating lands where the rules of normality are quite different from the everyday. Theme based restaurants can be an off-shoot of the expressiveness of our perennial longing for alternate worlds. The reason why humans are such adamant dreamers is still a mystery. But the results of this instinct can be interesting - as is evident from this theme based restaurant "Fly Kouzina".

Theme: Aircraft.
Who’ll enjoy it most: Those who think that 'Aircraft' doesn't go well with 'Great food'.
What wouldn’t happen here:Turbulence.

Welcome to Fly Kouzina, where you can enjoy in flight first class services without actually getting 35,000 feet off the ground. Enjoy our signature dishes and transport yourself mentally to your favorite destination.

Bon Voyage & Appetit

Kolkata’s very first air craft themed, pure vegetarian multicuisine restaurant.

FlyKouzina, is ought to make your next dining experience magical and satisfying.

Our delicious menu of Italian, Oriental and Indian selections will win over your taste buds; while the masterpiece decor of our restaurant that perfectly resembles the interior of an aircraft will give you the real feel of flying. The incredible ideas of entertainment during the eve hours are an added reason to why you should visit Fly Kouzina!